Theara #InTheFightForRapha

By Biaka January 06th, 2017

This week we would like to introduce you to our Cambodian Director of Kids Club, Theara Sath

Theara's remarkable story begins in her village where she grew up continually watching children exposed to fear and pain at extremely young ages. Theara saw first hand the affects that human trafficking and sexual exploitation can have on a community . When she became a Christian the hope that she received from her relationship with Jesus motivated her to help meet the needs around her.

Desiring to continue the work started by her parents to  give the children in her village the same freedom from fear that she had experienced, Theara, along with her sisters, Theary and Thearin partnered with Rapha House to grow the work they were already doing in their community. Kids Club is a prevention program for young children who are at high risk of being trafficked or exploited. This program has provided a safe place for school-age children to learn about God and experience a lifestyle that is not dictated by fear. We are so grateful for Theara's servant heart that is never void of kindness and love for the vulnerable children in Cambodia!

This new year, we would like to ask you to partner with us to provide this kind of safe and loving environment for more children . All partnerships are helpful to us!

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