Stephanie #InTheFightForRapha

By Biaka January 27th, 2017

Many of you are familiar with our director, Stephanie Freed, who started Rapha House in 2003 to take action against the injustices of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Over a decade later, Stephanie has continued to be a voice for the oppressed.

Being personally involved in the lives of child survivors, Stephanie has experienced the joy of seeing victims restored after traumatic experiences. Each girl in the process of healing is a testimony to the redemption that is happening despite the darkness that trafficking and exploitation bring. Both the hope from these stories of victory and the constant reminder of the devastating effects of these injustices, motivate Stephanie to work harder every day until all children have been rescued.

Stephanie shares, “I'm thankful that God allowed me to be part of the founding team for Rapha House 13 years ago. My passion for this work has only become stronger through the years as I've had so many opportunities to be inspired by child survivors all over the world. The fight against child slavery and sexual exploitation of children hasn't yet been won, so it's time to combat harder than ever before.”

Since its founding, Rapha House has been greatly blessed to have a growing number of partners sharing the vision to one day see every child living in freedom. With the statistics of trafficking and exploitation increasing every year, the urgency for more partners has continued to increase. Every statistic that rises represents an individual person whose life story could be greatly impacted by a freedom fighter’s intervention.

Stephanie is grateful for the ongoing support of people who are committed to ending injustice against children. Please continue to support Rapha House and pray for increased resources, as there is still so much work to be done.


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