RH 2016 Christmas Update

By Biaka December 14th, 2016

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.   As a mother of three children, my own Christmas morning memories are sweet- full of mental snapshots of little people in footed pajamas with excited eyes.  These are snapshots of innocence, and Christmas is the very picture of innocence.

While the innocence of children we serve at Rapha House has been severely threatened, our desire is that they would be free to once again enjoy the innocence of childhood. The sweet face on the cover of this newsletter reminds us that there is hope, healing, and restoration of innocence through Jesus Christ.

For many of the Rapha girls, this will be the first time they experience  Christmas or hear the story of our powerful Savior who was born in a humble stable. So please pray alongside all of us at Rapha House that the peace, joy, and innocence of this season would be felt by the girls in our safe houses, and that their hearts would be open to receive the Christmas message.  

The Mission of Rapha House

Together, we are working to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. We’re working to provide aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all. Today we want to give you some updates about our current programs and introduce our exciting new safe house partnership model: “Sponsor a Safe House”.

Rapha House Kids Club

Our prevention program, Kids Club, is now sponsoring over 700 at-risk and impoverished children. By giving just $30 a month, sponsors are helping vulnerable children receive an education and hope for the future. Sponsors are praying for their sponsored child by name, and sending letters of encouragement. We are truly grateful for the impact of our prevention program.

Awareness Program

Our awareness programs are impacting countless people throughout the globe. Bringing information and inspiration, these programs are making lasting impacts in communities. Our film, Finding Home was recently translated into 25 different languages and is available in 190 countries across the world after being added to Netflix. Our awareness trips, which enable individuals to experience and learn about our programs first-hand, have been a great success. Seven trips have been taken in 2016 and lasting personal impact has been made.

Safe House Programs

Our aftercare programs are the heart of our work. Although we are working to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, we must face a cruel fact: it is happening every day all over the world. And that’s why our safe houses exist. These safe houses provide a place where girls have a chance to reclaim their lost childhood. Each day these girls are treated with love and value instead of abuse and neglect as they continue their healing journey. Today we are blessed to have five international safe houses serving child survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Sponsorship is Not Just for the At-Risk. It’s For the Survivors

We recognize that the power of healing knows no borders. God’s kingdom is advancing and we need worldwide partners like you to help us care for these precious children. God’s heart for justice and healing compels us to take action not just for children who are at-risk, but also for children who have survived trafficking and exploitation. We’re so pleased to introduce the newest safe house partnership model: “Sponsor a Safe House”.

How It Works

By committing to a monthly safe house sponsorship of $40 or more, you are helping bring hope and healing to child survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation. It’s simple:

  1. Sign up online at RAPHAHOUSE.ORG/SAFEHOUSE or by mailing in the response card. By making an automatic monthly sponsorship payment of $30 or more, you are ensuring consistent and stable support for a Rapha safe house. You will enter your payment one time, and your sponsorship will be paid from your account each month automatically. You’ll receive an email receipt for each donation. If you ever need to stop or make a change to your payment, just contact us.
  2. Choose a location. You can choose a specific location for your safe house sponsorship to support, or you can just mark “All” to support the safe houses in greatest need. We will make every effort for location preferences to be followed. However, funds may be used for various  safe house locations in times of need.
  3. Receive a profile card. Receive a card that gives a profile and photos from your sponsored safe house. It will give demographic information on the community as well as specific ways you can pray.
  4. Stay involved  - It doesn’t end there. You get to keep praying, and encouraging these girls you are supporting on their journey to sustainable freedom. Each year, you will be invited to send a letter to your sponsored safe house to be posted in a common area of the safe house.


We are so excited to now offer the opportunity to sponsor a safe house. We pledge to continue working together to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.  Still, we know that our work would not be possible without amazing partners like you throughout the globe. So, from the depth of our hearts, we thank you. Thank you for helping end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Thank you for helping providing aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all.

Begin a monthly sponsorship of $40 or more for:

Thank You

Thank you for your partnership throughout 2016! Because of you, children are finding safety, hope, and healing. Perpetrators are paying for their crimes. At-risk communities are being educated about the dangers of child slavery and sexual exploitation. Hearts are turning toward the Lord. When God's people work together, amazing things happen!

As this year draws to a close, we invite you to remember Rapha House in your year-end giving. Your year-end support means the world to the children we serve.

Please consider partnering with us by sponsoring a safe house at raphahouse.org/safehouse or by making a one-time gift. You can send checks by mail or make donations online at raphahouse.org/donate. However, don’t forget that there are even more ways to give. You can make gifts of securities or other assets that have increased in value, which may be exempt from capital gains taxes. You can also donate a wide-range of assets through your will and estate planning. Just contact us today at raphahouse.org/contact-us to get started.
As we look ahead to 2017, we are excited to see what God is going to do through the ministry of Rapha House. Thank you again for your partnership!

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