Rapha House Thailand Update

By Gabe August 17th, 2018

2017 was an exciting year of growth for Rapha House Thailand. This was our first full year in our brand new safe house campus. We were able to spread out and take advantage of the space in many ways.

Quality improvements were made in each department ranging from a new library and

computer lab for the education department to more counseling spaces. Higher walls provide better security than the lower walls of our previously leased space. The cottage/neighborhood model helps the girls feel more individualized and offers more opportunities for house mothers to have quality interactions in a lower stress environment.

Our new child friendly investigation room makes it possible for police to interview children in a setting which feels more comfortable than the police station. 

With space to run and play, it is normal in the cooler evening weather to hear the creaking of the swing set and the sound of laughter on the breeze. We are blessed at Rapha House Thailand to be on a path of growth and quality services for the children we serve. Thank you for making all of this possible!

Tasanee | Rapha House Thailand Director