National Day of Prayer 2017

By Ashlee May 04th, 2017

Human trafficking chips away at a child's hope for their present and future. It causes them to question how valuable they are, and if there is a life worth fighting for outside of the darkness that is currently all they can see. There are moments throughout a victim's experience where they are given small glimpses of hope. Whether it's through a conversation, a positive experience, or situation in which they were kept safe when things could've gone far worse, these moments give victims strength to continue. Through these they are reminded their present situation could change, and they could have a future other than the exploitation they are currently enduring.

We have no doubt that it's God who is working to provide this lifeline of hope for girls being exploited and struggling to continue. Your prayers provide these constant reminders for them. Every prayer powerfully acts as a catalyst in producing the hope that victims need.

Please partner in prayer with us for girls being exploited and sold against their will. Every prayer is heard and needed to provide light in a child survivor's desperate situation. Your prayers act as an anchor in the turmoil and hopelessness that exploitation produces. Pray with us today for every victim of trafficking to have hope and courage!

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" - Hebrews 6:19