Letters of Encouragement

By Biaka March 07th, 2017

Dear Safe House Sponsors,

Thank you for your sponsorship! Your are helping provide consistent and stable support for a safe house. You are helping trafficked and exploited girls have a safe place to live, sleep, and heal. You are helping them receive counseling, legal aid, medical care, nutrition, and a chance for education and spiritual growth. But most of all, you are giving them a chance to be loved without an agenda. With your support, trafficked and exploited children are finding real hope and lasting freedom.

Today we are inviting you to further your connection by sending a short letter of encouragement. We would love to bring encouraging cards, notes, and photos from you to the safe houses. These letters will be posted in a common area of the safe house for encouragement of all girls. Please note that these letters must fit in a standard envelope and cannot include any gifts such as stickers, candy, or plastic jewelry. If you choose, please mail these cards to the address below no later than March 31st.

Rapha House

ATTN: Safe House Sponsorship

PO Box 1569

Joplin, MO 64802

Thank you for making this important work possible!
PS - Not a sponsor yet? You can sign up today at raphahouse.org/safehouse

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