Haiti 2017 Summer Update

September 15th, 2017

Heather, RH Haiti Client Services Director, shared a recent update and some prayer requests that we want to pass along.

It has been a good summer at Rapha House Haiti and now we are starting a new school year. Several of you have asked about the twins and our 5-year-old (S), and I am happy to report that they are all doing well. The twins are 4 months old now and as cute as can be. They are healthy, growing, and adored by all of us. Their mom, M, is doing pretty well as she continues to adjust to motherhood. There have been some challenges though (as to be expected when a 12-year-old gives birth to twins), and we would definitely appreciate your prayers for her. Little miss S has settled into life at the safe house and makes us laugh on a regular basis with her sass and spunk. S is doing well overall, but she is still dealing with a lot of grief and anger. It’s harder for her to process and put words to her feelings than some of our older girls. Please continue to pray for her young heart, that God would bring great healing to her. 

Last month we received a new girl. Like our other girls, she has experienced great trauma and is in need of a safe place to find love and healing. Unlike our other girls, she has Down syndrome. She is a precious girl, somewhere around 13-14 years old. This has been rather difficult to navigate, as we are living in a place where most people are woefully uneducated about disabilities, in a culture that generally does not value differences. People with disabilities are usually not treated with kindness and respect here, so this is something we are having to teach our girls. My biggest fear this past has been that our girls would be unkind to W, making fun of or provoking her-- not because they are cruel, but simply because that is what they have seen modeled in the culture around them. While it has not been all smooth sailing, I have been happy to see that most of the girls have been patient and loving with her. This past month was our annual Art & Dance Camp, so the girls spent much of the week dancing, and as was apparent within her first few hours with us, W loves to dance! So I think this was a good week for her transition into the safe house, as she jumped right in with the other girls and spent much of the week dancing with a smile on her face. I would like to ask for your prayers for her-- for her physical and emotional healing; for love & compassion from the other girls; and for wisdom for our staff, as things like processing her trauma and doing family research will be much more complicated in her case. 

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to pray for us. We are grateful for you!

Heather, RH Haiti Client Services Director