Everyone Can Help Fight

By Gabe September 27th, 2017

At Rapha House we believe that every person has the potential to be an advocate for justice.

Last week we were blessed by someone who decided to use their birthday as an opportunity to give rather than receive.
Kennedy Waselenchuk, who is the daughter of racquetball players Kim and Kane Waselenchuk, made the sacrificial choice to have friends buy Rapha House merchandize instead of birthday presents for her. This heartfelt donation is going directly to changing the lives of girls who are being sexually exploited and trafficked. Her heart for justice that would rather invest in a life changing freedom for a child survivor rather than have material items is motivating to all of us to step up and find ways to give!

Share a similar heart for justice but don’t feel like you can financially give? Consider donating your birthday party instead.


Everyone can help fight against injustice regardless of their resources!