Emily #InTheFightForRapha

By Biaka March 10th, 2017

This week for our #In The Fight For Rapha feature, we want to introduce you to our intern Emily:


My name is Emily Vue. I am currently interning with the Rapha House and a student at Pittsburg State University. The first time I was exposed to Rapha House was this past March. I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia through an organization on campus called Enactus. Our goal was to assist Krista Thomason, owner of Hepz, with anything she needed to help with  her business in Cambodia.  She employed seven Cambodian women through the Rapha House and I knew they helped girls out of trafficking.

When we first arrived in Cambodia it was late at night, as soon as we stepped out of the airport and we went  to the hotel. I couldn’t help but notice all of the neon lighted signs with girls about my age and even younger enslaved to sex tourism. I could not count how many exploited girls I saw as we passed by in our taxi. Right then I wondered if there was a way for these girls to get a second chance, or if someone could have given them the opportunity of choosing a different path while they were younger.

After this I learned about Rapha House’s two prevention programs. The Freedom Stylist Salon allowed at risk girls to receive an education and better future. The second prevention program,Kids Club, provided over 700 kids living in poverty the opportunity to have a education and put an end to the cycle of poverty. The kids I met at the Freedom Salon and Kids Club taught me a valuable lesson: that happiness is a choice. These children had the biggest smiles and welcomed me with open arms. They changed my life forever, and this is why I chose to volunteer with Rapha House and do every little thing needed of me.

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