By Ashlee April 14th, 2017

At Rapha House we grieve that we cannot erase the trauma and pain of our child survivors. We know that we can make their future better, but we cannot  eliminate painful memories from their lives, or  change their past. Injustice shields a victim’s eyes from seeing their own worthiness and value that God has instilled in them. Instead, they feel unclean, degraded and unredeemable. They feel forgotten in the midst of the filth and mistreatment they have endured. It is easy to lose sight of each victim’s struggle in the constantly growing statistics of trafficking, but each one represents a story.

When Jesus came to earth he didn't see statistics, He saw people and heard their stories. Jesus saw the worth of each person and decided to engage with injustice during His time on earth to the point where He would leave with visible scars.

Even upon resurrection when Jesus was made whole by God, He still carried his scars.  For this reason we can offer incredible  hope to victims, because they are not alone in their pain, both past and present.

Because of Jesus’ ultimate act of fighting injustice, we can continue to stand with victims of exploitation and trafficking because they can now have a future. Though we cannot  change their past, we know that Jesus can transform the next chapter of their story.

We fight for victims of human trafficking and exploitation because we adamantly believe that the value that God has placed in each person cannot be altered.