Biaka InTheFightForRapha

August 26th, 2017

I feel blessed to have worked with Rapha House US team since 2009 as a volunteer, 2011 as the first media intern and for 4 and half years as the Creative Director for Rapha House!

Finding out about the Rapha House girls through my friends Melissa and Abby changed the way I looked at the world.  It caused me to look at the skills and passion that God gave me and ask myself, “what can I do with what God has given me?”

Although at the time I was a broke college student, I wanted to give whatever I could to show my support and love for Rapha House’s work.  I started doodling on my computer when I came up with 4 T-shirt designs and donated them to Rapha House in lieu of the money that I did not have.

Stephanie happened to like one hastily constructed design with grungy, broken font, a red daisy, and the words: love, rescue heal; that Rapha House is the result of God loving these girls, rescuing these girls from darkness and partnering with us to heal them (Rapha = “Our God heals” in Hebrew).

From there the Rapha House team graciously adopted the design as their logo and I was able to work with them on the branding.

Years later while I was working as an intern, I looked at the girls, who were victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, who had their eyes covered to protect their identity. I asked the team if I could design something else to cover their eyes.  I drew a brush mark and wrote over it “Loved”.  To me it was the symbol of God’s signature and what He sees in each one of these girls, and from there, Rapha house started using the Mark of Life.


Now as my wife and I are moving up to Kansas City, we can’t ever forget what we have learned and seen while working with Rapha House.  I am so thankful for the years of growth, adventure, friendship, mentorship and investment Rapha House has given me.  I may be leaving Rapha House as the Creative Director, but I will always be a Rapha House supporter and partner!

I ask you to challenge yourself.  Ask how you can help Rapha House with your skills and talents.  And as monthly donors to Rapha House, I challenge you to become a monthly sponsor for a Kids Club kid, or become a safe house donor.