Avery #InTheFightForRapha

By Biaka March 24th, 2017

The first time I heard of Rapha House was from my friend, Meegan, who served there as an intern. She invited me to model a few t-shirts and purses, and introduced me to the Rapha team in Joplin. At that time, I attended Ozark Christian College just a few minutes down the road.

After my short-lived and uninspiring career as a purse model, Meegan asked if I would be interested in a different type of project. I have always loved calligraphy and hand-lettering, and was asked to create a graphic for Rapha House to use in promotional materials. I had plenty of experience with pen and paper, but my graphic design experience was lacking. Following that calligraphy project that landed on newsletter envelopes, I began working at Rapha House as their first Media Intern. 

During my time in Joplin, I spent afternoons in the office with Biaka and created hand-lettered graphics for social media, web, and print design. Through those many afternoons, I learned how to digitize my lettering for use across many platforms. I learned how vital media is for communicating the mission and work of Rapha House. Some projects allowed me to be creative and expressive, while others required tedious concentration. But through every project I've done, whether designing t-shirts or spending hours creating nametags for trips, I am thankful to use my talents in the fight for Rapha House.

Your talents and giftings (no matter how unrelated they may seem) are valuable and essential in the Kingdom of God and the mission of Rapha House. I never thought that God would use my love for doodling to serve His church or His mission to bring justice for the oppressed. But we serve a creative and resourceful God who can orchestrate commonplace things to bring about His glory. The healing ministry of Rapha House has global significance, and you can contribute in a unique way right where you are- doodlers and all.

After graduating, getting married, and moving to Iowa, I've continued to create designs for Rapha House. I would encourage you to look for unique ways that you can serve. You might be surprised by what God can accomplish through open hands!