Aftercare Statement of Condition

By Gabe August 24th, 2018

Rapha House's cornerstone commitments are the safety and protection of clients and staff in Rapha House programs globally, and the provision of high quality care and services to clients. We are developing culturally competent policies, procedures, and trainings to help staff do their work in an effective and sustainable way. I've been privileged to help lead these efforts since January of this year, using my training in Clinical Psychology and trauma research towards these aims. We continue to develop and improve organization-wide training standards for Trauma-Informed Care (TIC), basic counseling skills, and group therapy. We strive to provide training in TIC for all Rapha staff members, including those not directly involved in client services, such as security guards and cooks. This allows for the entire organization to have a better understanding of the effects of trauma, and a greater appreciation for what the girls at Rapha House might be experiencing as they heal and recover. Trainings in basic counseling skills and group therapy interventions are geared toward the counselors who work directly with the girls in their recovery process, and are meant to better equip staff to handle the unique needs of the girls at Rapha House.

-Robin Blair, PHD
Aftercare Director