At Rapha House, rescue doesn’t just mean an initial act of retrieval. Rescue is a commitment to unconditional love and dedication during the healing process.

We work with various agencies and organizations in order to transfer girls into our care.  These organizations play an indispensable role in finding children who have been trafficked or sexually abused. They work alongside local authorities to rescue these children and place them in safe aftercare facilities.  Rapha House can then help these children with the process of healing and moving towards lasting freedom. 

We applaud the efforts of individuals and departments within governments and NGOs that devote energy and resources in finding girls and bringing them to safety. Without their help, our work would be extremely limited.  Two NGO’s with which we work closely are the International Organization for Migration and the International Justice Mission. 

Rapha House understands the wisdom and necessity of working within the framework of law and in cooperation with the authorities. We take seriously our standing as welcomed guests in our host countries. And we seek to preserve a spirit of mutual cooperation in our work. 



When ten-year-old Dani first enters the gates of Rapha House, she doesn’t know what to expect. The people who brought her here seem nice enough. But, then, others were nice to her first. Then things changed...a lot.

She notices the other girls at this place. They’re smiling and playing. Then she walks into the office. A nice lady talks to her for a little bit and gives her a gift-a doll. It’s the first time Dani holds her very own doll. Soon another girl comes in and asks Dani to come and play. They walk out of the office together holding hands, down the steps, and out onto the volleyball courtyard for a spirited game of tag.

Every time a new girl comes to Rapha House a similar scene unfolds. And it’s your generosity that makes small miracles like this possible. You’re changing the lives of girls just like Dani by supporting Rapha House.

That night, Dani climbs into her very own bed where her newfound friend sleeps peacefully nearby. And a spark of hope begins to stir in Dani’s heart. 

Invest in a miracle at Rapha House.

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