Freedom Stylist

Teaching sustainable skills to empower entire communities

What if we can stop a girl from being exploited before it happens?

Together, we can.  Rapha House Freedom Stylist is a prevention program in Cambodia that provides at-risk girls with opportunities for lasting freedom through the art of hair-styling. This sponsorship-based prevention program promotes education, influence, confidence, and creativity. It produces sustainability and empowers our Freedom Stylists to make a continued impact in their communities. Girls at the Freedom Salon + Training Center receive education in the art of hairstyling and business management , all while attending English and Khmer accredited schooling. 

For $1 a day ($30/month), you can provide one of the seven basic needs for each girl; housing, home care, transportation, cosmetology supplies, food, English School, and Traditional Khmer school. You have the power to make a lasting impact on future generations. 

If you wish to provide more than one need for your Freedom Stylist, you can! You can provide for one, two or as many needs as you would like. Complete sponsorship of one Freedom Stylist is $210/month ($30 x7 basic needs). Every sponsor will receive a package containing pictures and information about their Freedom Stylist, the Training Center and more. 


What if prevention is the key to lasting freedom?

At the Freedom Salon + Training Center we believe that prevention and education are key elements to abolishing trafficking and exploitation. Ensuring a lasting freedom requires a both a current commitment and an long-term vision. We are committed to meeting current needs and we also envision expanding our reintegration funding to help girls grow their future businesses. You can help today by donating to the Lasting Freedom Fund. 

Take Action!

To sponsor multiple needs, simply increase the amount from $30 on the payment page. After setting up a monthly payment, our Freedom Stylist Director will send you information about the specific child you are sponsoring.

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